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When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child... I Cor. 13:11a

Children are the foundation of any church. In order for the church not to die out we need to nurture our youth. This is a place for everyone to come together and participate in the growth of our church.

2012 Gracies Quinceañera

On September 1, 2012 we came together in celebration of one of our youth.   

Gracie, you are a beautiful young lady and it is an honor to know you.  Thank you for including me on your guest list, I had a wonderful time.  For those of you who do not, or like me did not, know what a Quinceanera is this might help.   


Quinceañera is the 15th birthday coming-of-age celebration Latina girls dream about.

     The Quinceañera derives from Aztec and Catholic traditions and has been celebrated for centuries throughout Latin America and Latino communities in the United States. Quinceañera marks the transition from girlhood to womanhood and is one of Mexico's most important cultural and social traditions.


The party is a cross between a Sweet 16 and a debutante ball. The term quinceañera refers to both the young lady being celebrated and the event. It comes from the Spanish words for 15 (quince) and years (anos).

     For the quinceañera, though, it's a beautiful party, an opportunity to express her maturity and be thankful for her parents and her heritage. In addition, the celebration is intended to reaffirm religious faith, good morals, and the virtues of traditional family values.


2012 VBS



2012 May 5 - Clover, SC

220 souls gathered to worship God at the First Freewill Baptist Church in Clover, SC today.  Although a lot of our group was missing we had a great time.  The presence of the Lord was in attendance and His blessings were abundant.


Bianca Adriana

Our newest birth happened at 8:40 am on May 4, 2012.  Lil Miss Bianca Adriana began her life's journey surrounded by her loving family.


Bro. Jammy and some of the teens




Miss Emily Brown has been playing the gutiar for a few months now.  She has taken the gift God gave her and ran with it.  I am given to understand that she now is also the proud owner of a harmonica. 

Some people might say she has no gift, she has no talent.  I say that could not be further from the truth.  Miss Brown knows God has given her the desire and the courage to accept what others do not understand. 

Too many people today wish they had, or could do, this or that.  They might even go as far as to pray for this or that but the bible tells us that without works it is for naught.

We all should take a leson from this young lady and go after what we want,believing God will make it so.


James 2:14-17

King James Version (KJV)

14What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him?

15If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food,

16And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?

17Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.


It was December 18, 2011; at 5pm the small country church was packed by family and friends waiting to see a Christmas Play.  They were not disapointed by the performance brought forth by the members of this cast.  A lot of time and effort was put into this program and a BIG "THANK YOU" goes out to all who helped make it possible. Thanks to their dedication, time, talent, and prayers the play was a success. 

Now the challenge has been set forth for all of us to share the true meaning of Christmas with others.


written and directed by April Lindsey

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2011 Aug 20 - Volunteering at Greer Soup Kitchen

On August 20 some of our youth and a few others joined together to make a difference.  The helped the Greer Soup Kitchen serve lunch to the hungry. Today the youth learned it was good to serve others and tell them about Jesus.

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2011 Oct 14 - Bowling

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2011 Aug 6, Youth Rally

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