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After hearing Bro. Jammy's message on 4/25/12, about the widow and her deliema, I felt the need to start paying my tithes again.  When I say need that is an understatement, I was compeled to start.  I know paying them is the right thing to do but after getting my car I did not have the money.  I really believed God blessed me with the car and here I was using it as an excuse to not give him his due. 

I am not trying to say I am perfect now that I am again paying my tithes, I just admitted I haven't paid them but once this year.  I want you to know what God has done for me.

My payday this time fell on the Monday after this message.  I checked my banking account and the money was there on Sunday so I withdrew it and paid my tithes.  I felt like a burden had been lifted from me because not giving in the offerings had been weighing me down. 

On Tuesday I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a perscription for a procedure I was having done on Wednesday and they didn't have an order.  After calling the office I waited knowing this one perscription would cost $50.00 and I didn't have it to spare.  The office called me back and said a glich had happened in their computer system and the order had not been sent.  My pharmacy did not have the product in stock so they wanted me to stop by the office to pick it up.  Praise the Lord!  I thanked the pharmacist for not having it because the office was going to just give it to me.  I believe it was my actions on Sunday which led to the 'glich' in the computer.  Not only did I get the perscription free the procedure was also covered 100% by my insurance.

God is Good and if we put our trust in Him we will live a great life.


"Blessed are the cracked for they let the light shine through"

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praise GOD that was a blessing.

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